Books and Literature-The Tapestry of Our Society

Where do books and literature play a part in creating the tapestries of society? And how can we as authors and content creators use this to our advantage? There is a power that books possess in the teaching, and in the learning across cultures and this same power carries on our wisdom and insights for [...]

BOOK ONE, MORNINGSTAR:The Mystery Of The Secret Letters

Silence is comforting to some. Comforts are dynamic and seldom relied upon when life is as volatile as the wind. Comforting as the silent breeze may be one moment, such quiet can bring fears and storms the next. Sound is a much better indicator of peace for a motherless child and what better way to [...]

5 Key Shifts To Make Your Book Bring 6-Figures

WritePublish Market    To  a 6 Figure Income so that you can enjoy the freedoms to live, learn and write freely, build your empire and focus on your true genious in creating your business… Shift # 1- Be Bold Shift #2- Commit To Professional Standards Shift #3- The Secret Weapon- Persona Publishing® Shit #4- Leverage your [...]

Share Your Calling

Challenging times call for challenging deeds… Click The Image To Watch Our Mini Workshop Grab ahold of your calling as a writer and document your experience during this Global Pandemic. We as writers are being called to write and document these times and our experiences. Write Daily: 1. Your successes and celebrations 2. Where did [...]

Mariah’s Dance

Mariah danced and twirled through the falling flakes. Her extra-large snow boots, handed down from her big brother, collected the moist powder pilling upon the street. Just as the snowflakes, she shone in her unique youthful beauty. Her auburn locks bounced against her shoulders and ebony skin shone like frozen dew. The reflection in her [...]