Books and Literature-The Tapestry of Our Society

Where do books and literature play a part in creating the tapestries of society?

And how can we as authors and content creators use this to our advantage?

There is a power that books possess in the teaching, and in the learning across cultures and this same power carries on our wisdom and insights for future generations. 

We learn from, not only, the celebrations and comedy of the past, we also learn an abundance from the brutality showcased across literature. We garner this history and information that continues to shape societies today. 

It is fun to recognize through literature how far society has come and yet how little we have truly changed. 

The intention of this post is to ask how this applies to your writing? Whether you are working on an epic novel or a nonfiction manuscript to debut your products or services, you are creating a time capsule. 

The assets that contribute to the tapestries of society across books and novels alike include aspects of our cultures. Assets like food, wine, clothing yes. The two primary contributors that I encourage you to explore and study for your own narrative are:

  1. The dialogue and language that you include
  2. The beliefs and conflicts that are exemplified

How is your narrative maintaining these assets of your culture or the culture that you are writing of?

Remember that you are writing a time capsule!  Are you crafting this as a Legacy for your future generations? 

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Mariah’s Dance

A little story about the beautifully inevitable passage of time.


Mariah danced and twirled through the falling flakes. Her extra large snow boots, handed down from her big brother, collected the moist powder piling upon the street. Just as the snowflakes, she shone in her unique youthful beauty.

Her auburn locks bounced against her shoulders and ebony skin shone like frozen dew. The reflection in her eyes was as unique as each intricate laced crystal descending.

On Mariah danced while holding hands with school friends: close friends and one or two beaux through college and then finally her soul mate once the winds had gentled and the heavy white flakes swept down. They all had accompanied her in this snowflake crescendo.

The Abrupt winds of life tasseled her hair and tore her skirts. The snowflakes continued to steadily fall, occasionally entangled in the treetops, to inevitable continue their descent as the sunshine kissed her once rosy cheeks leaving lines of laughter beside her almond eyes and smile as she twirled.

Pigtails and ponytails once peeked from beneath her woolen hats. Long flowing locks, the envy of the times, relented to shorter curls where snowflakes now could not be noticed amid the white in her hair as they rested along their descent.

And like the snowflake’s inevitable tumble, Mariah watched her babies and then her grandbabies grow and dance amid the falling snow.

-Ondi Laure