Writing is Therapeutic, Indeed!

Writing your memoir, the story that has shaped you is most certainly the path to healing.

Sometimes, we look at writing a letter, a blog post, an article, or even a book as a chore…

I challenge you to look at the project before you and ask, “How am I looking at my writing tasks? Am I avoiding the writing that could best serve me?”

Whatever the writing project is before you, could this project literally (puns always intentional) help you?

Could your project, the writing of your story, heal you?

Writing is releasing. Writing is an exercise in unleashing past traumas and letting go of negative experiences and emotions that often manifest in negative aspects of our lives either in disease, injury, or illness.

Writing your memoir, the story that has shaped you is most certainly the path to healing.

This therapeutic benefit of writing your story doesn’t stop there because once we have found this release through the writing of our story, we open ourselves up for new positive energy in our lives. We also provide magnificent benefits to others.

The possibilities blossom when we recognize that our own story can help someone else transform their own life!

Life is often challenging and hard. You have come through your own hells to, now, be gifted the chance to help another human being through your story.

Today, look back at your own journey and ask yourself, “How could my writing of my story transform my own life, my family’s lives, and the world?

Step into your greatness, rise above your fears and imagine what potential your story has to serve.

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Getting Back to Purpose

The one simple step in empowering purpose is the act of submission and letting go control of the outcome of a situation.

I have a recurring vision of goodness and light that visits my heart lately.

A vision of clarity and purpose that surrounds, though not quite clear how is more a vision of submission and allowing. A vision of gratitude of purpose. 

A vision of knowing and accepting all that is and all that is to be. 

I was led to read an email from an acquaintance yesterday where she happen to mention the Ouroborus of ancient mythologies. 

I have been thinking of such cycles of life of late that ebb and flow. And not surprised by the coincidence that this symbol appeared in my day. 

As I’ve lately contemplated the cycle of life as new babies are on the way. Perhaps to match their great grandparents’ birthdates, no doubt (loving the multiple layers of coincidence). 

I write today with purpose. Surprisingly, my purpose is to share my own ideas and passions. Yes, purpose to share my purpose… 

I ponder how long it has taken me to arrive here to purpose… 

This journey of mine has been life. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a bumpy, crazy, ebbing journey of love, light, and expansion. 

Life, no doubt, is not always such for me or for most. Life has those, not-so-pretty moments. Those moments when your heart feels like it has been cut from your chest and left at your feet. And life has those moments where your heart hums and floats before you with wings of its own. Life is always ebbing, flowing. 

Getting back to purpose… 

I have spent the past 72 months distracted and avoiding my life’s purpose. I am easily distracted, no doubt. And I have gleaned wisdom exponentially. 

So, I would not change one single thing or decision made these past 72 months. Beautiful, is it not? How do all of the tools that we need find us right on time? 

My avoidance has been due to fear. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty, yes. And mostly fears of rejection and confrontation. Fear sharing my truth  because I am fearful of what others will think and what others will say. 

Today, I begin new. I begin to share my purpose and my intentions are exactly to inspire thoughts and conversation and this is impossible without some confrontation and even some rejection. 

Because my message and my purpose are far bigger than my own fear and more valuable to the enlightenment and expansion of others. 

I share one simple trick for empowering purposes, though not always easy to implement. 

The one simple step in empowering purpose is the act of submission and letting go control of the outcome of a situation.

Not knowing how exactly is simple though not easy. And knowing the what, having the endpoint fixated upon your compass is crucial. Simply trust that this is all that is needed now.

What does it take for an author to write compelling and successful Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories?

There is no such thing as fiction. Who are we to say that alternate realities do not exist?

This is the inspired theme that I use presently in my own fantasy stories of The Morning Star series, and the divine theme that I teach to my aspiring authors across my Story Launching programs.

To write a compelling Science Fiction and or a Fantasy story, authors are coached to write their world as if they are as real as their own believable reality that they reside.

The success of any Sci-Fi and Fantasy Story depends entirely upon the believability of the world they are creating, and this believability begins with the author believing it first.

The preparation and creation of this world, of course, is expanded and expounded upon by the author as the story evolves. And many of these details may never appear in the narrative for the reader. The details of such believable realities are woven and crafted by and for the author ultimately as the book’s foundation.

And only from this believable world do the setting, characters, dialogue, conflict, theme, and story emerge.

Do You Even Really Know What You Want In Life?

So, this happened for me yesterday!! You may read the entire Forbes article here

4. Reverse Engineer Your Legacy. 

Start with the end in mind and think about the impact you want to leave on the world. Then, reverse engineer the actions and steps you need to take to start building that.

Rather than focusing your life force on the hours worked or checking off society’s external measures of “success,” honestly ask yourself what you’d like to create on this planet that will leave ripple effects long after you’re gone. Your legacy is how people will remember you.

This could look like a piece of art, sustainable efforts in your company, or even writing a book.

As Ondi Laure, founder of Story Launcher’s Publishing system which helps people build their legacy through writing a book, advises: “You need to begin creating your legacy and not just a business.”

After all, a business is just a way to make money, but a legacy is something that will last far beyond your life. A legacy is something that will continue to impact future generations. It could be something as simple as a book that parents read to their children or a nationwide business on every street corner. 

Imagine telling your story that will inspire thousands of people. The world is looking for authenticity, and writing a book is a powerful way to share your deepest thoughts, dreams, and desires that will lay the foundation for your legacy. Shift your focus on what actions you can take that will reach far beyond a business alone. Wealth and success come and go… but the legacy you leave behind, and with intention, will last forever.

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Do You Even Really Know What You Want In Life?

Celinne Da Costa

Celinne Da CostaContributorForbesWomenCelinne Da Costa is a writer, speaker, and brand story coach teaching entrepreneurs to become confident leaders with powerful stories, influential brands, international media coverage, and thousands of raving followers.

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The launch of Character

The form below was found at the back of an old notebook I kept years ago. I have no resource details as to its origin. Forgive me if this is too familiar for plagiarism is never intended…

Character Name Kirsti 

Role in Story:    

Kirsti, a fiery and small teenaged daughter of a Royal Lollard Knight, is reared an only child by her father and pagan grandmamma to withstand the harsh Northumbrian coast and the shifting sands of early renaissance England.


trained to fulfill her father’s solemn duties of a Lollard Knight to share forbidden English Bibles to empower an oppressed nation if he should perish unearths answers to a mystery that will haunt mankind across millennium.

(* come back soon for further updates to my character, Kirsti’s creation)

Physical Description:    









                           Internal Conflicts:           


External Conflicts:




Name of Setting


Role in Story:


Related Characters:




Unique Features: