What does it take for an author to write compelling and successful Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories?

There is no such thing as fiction. Who are we to say that alternate realities do not exist? This is the inspired theme that I use presently in my own fantasy stories of The Morning Star series, and the divine theme that I teach to my aspiring authors across my Story Launching programs. To write [...]

5 Key Shifts To Make Your Book Bring 6-Figures

WritePublish Market    To  a 6 Figure Income so that you can enjoy the freedoms to live, learn and write freely, build your empire and focus on your true genious in creating your business… Shift # 1- Be Bold Shift #2- Commit To Professional Standards Shift #3- The Secret Weapon- Persona Publishing® Shit #4- Leverage your [...]

Share Your Calling

Challenging times call for challenging deeds… Click The Image To Watch Our Mini Workshop Grab ahold of your calling as a writer and document your experience during this Global Pandemic. We as writers are being called to write and document these times and our experiences. Write Daily: 1. Your successes and celebrations 2. Where did [...]

The launch of Character

The form below was found at the back of an old notebook I kept years ago. I have no resource details as to its origin. Forgive me if this is too familiar for plagiarism is never intended... Character Name Kirsti  Role in Story:     Kirsti, a fiery and small teenaged daughter of a Royal Lollard Knight, [...]