Preparing For Change

Centuries have come and gone, multiple generations of my family have dedicated love, time, and sacrifice to the saving of wisdom, faith, and truth to the native people of Wyoming.

Unintentionally, I too am sharing sacred truths and wisdom for my readers. And in learning of the John Robert’s festival this first Saturday in June, I realize the irony of my message and my purpose to not only write but to share my work and research of times past and prepare my readers for the changing times.

My Great-Great Grandfather, Reverend John Roberts, translated the New Testament from English into both Shoshone and Arapaho languages in the late 19th century.

His native Cornish/Welsh language, I have learned, was one of the first translations of the Bible from Latin in the 13th century.

The struggles to overcome repression of the Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Scotch, and English peoples reigned across the British Isles as depicted in my upcoming novel, Morningstar, until The Great Bible of 1539 was finally authorized by King Henry VII.  

Reverend Roberts was fluent in many languages before coming to The Wyoming Territory in 1882. His appreciation and longing for learning and helping the Native Americans on the Shoshone Bannock Reservation in undoubtedly our family’s greatest legacy. And his and Chief Washakie’s intentions to prepare the Natives, and everyone, for unavoidable change is now all our moral obligation.

Times continue to change and native cultures and customs, now more than ever, hold answers to helping us all as we consciously evolve. Evolve and awaken to our earthly purpose and plan as a species.

As I write and listen to the muse for inspiration. I find truths that resonate and know without a doubt the power and virtue that my wisdom unfolds before me. Fear has often stood before me as a dense overgrown forest before a string of pack mules. Yet, on I write knowing that my stories and grace have come to me to share with you because there is always a way through the forest.

Many years I strove to write what I love and what I found my curiosity longing to explore. Today, I have never felt so on point with the history and prose that has long been vailed and I am beyond grateful to be aligned once again with all the John Roberts and his name hold sacred.

Join us Saturday at the John Roberts Festival (Saturday, June 3, at 11am at the Shoshone Episcopal Mission) Fort Washakie Wyoming.

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Or, Is It What we Accept?

He was telling me, “It is what we accept.” And he had accepted his demise. I have a choice… as do you.

“It is what it is,” I told my dad weeks before his death. A phrase that had grown habitual coming from my lips… I found comfort in saying this as the bills piled up and the few hay bales accumulated in the hay yard.

My dad loathed me saying this and rebutted in persistence, “Like hell it is! I’m sick, can’t breathe, and have nothing to look forward to. The world is a wreck and I’m dying.”

I read these scribbles from back then, and the phrase that I had taken on, “it is what it is,” and chuckle inwardly. Now I realize what my dad was saying. 

He was telling me, “It is what we accept.” And he had accepted his demise. I have a choice in accepting my bank account and my meager stockpile of winter feed for my critters. Or I can refuse to accept this and take action.  Either way, the choice is mine. As was his, and is your own.

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