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Ondi Laure, Author– Morning Star, Is No longer Available Amazon-   

Yeppers! You read this right… I have chosen to take my novel down for now as I’ve a new editor and chief hired! I welcome Ms. Rhonda Cawthorn to our team at Persona Publishing!

Now, for preorder on Amazon.

So, Morning Star is being reviewed and then relaunched to the young adult audience! And if you did purchase the first edition hang on to that!

This is very exciting and terrifying, as I’m new to this audience and humbled to share my words there.

Here is my synopsis of Morning Star and I can not wait to hear your feedback.


“A corrupt army, an abandoned baby, a torturous death by fire, an unrelenting grandmother, all lend to Kirsti’s fast-paced epic saga for teens and young adults.

Morningstar is a young woman’s quest for truth, survival, and love. It is a historical mystery. The heroine, Kirsti, a fiery teen raised by her father, begins her journey to explain his disappearance.

Her father, Charles, is a Royal Lollards Knight in early fifteenth century Britain. Kirsti endeavors to fulfill a daughter’s promise and must embark on a dangerous mission, while entangled in a dangerous love triangle.

The mysterious secrets entrusted to her must be protected from falling into the evil hands that pursue her.

Kirsti’s love for her father and his love for her prove fiercer than laws that rule the universe and transcend the dimensions of heaven and hell.

Members of The Crown and The Church pursue Kirsti in London. She finds refuge in the friendship of a young man, William. Together, Kirsti, William, and Philip, from the reaches of heaven, fight to preserve the ancient secrets from evil until civilization is ready to accept the truth.”


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