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Ondi Laure is a 5th generation native to the wilds of Wyoming.  She is best known for her tales of humanity’s savage past. She writes of untold history, wisdom, and courage of those who protected repressed sacred feminine qualities of the universe in her novel, Morningstar. For over a decade, Ondi has helped others achieve alignment with their story’s purpose and to identify as an author. She has been featured in Forbes and Top Talent magazines. Her clients include Susan and Jacob Browder, Callie Katz, and Farzana Ebrahimi, and she has shared the stage with Isabel Dondadeo, Kathi Tait, Allison Lewis, and Kedra Davies. She has done everything from writing and publishing books to mountaineering and backcountry guiding across the Continental Divide. When she isn’t writing and skiing with family or friends, she spends time playing her guitar or training horses with her husband, Matt.

“The Book. Any Book. Never Exceeds One’s Identity!” Author Unknown

Hi. I’m Ondi. I am an author, writing and creativity coach, and CEO of StoryLauncher. Story Launcher is an independent coaching company that helps a select group of professionals who are ready to launch the evolution of their own stories and find clarity in their life’s purpose. 

I want to work with clients that are service-oriented and humanity driven. 

I provide both individualized and/or Group attention to clients — by walking them through the Harmonious-Creating process of writing their novel, memoir, or non-fiction book.

“I work with authors at every stage of the production process and there is no book journey too small to find your clarity of purpose.” 

I help you out of stuck and into Harmonious Creating.




APYellow“Her piano top needs dusting and her cooking pot from dinner is still soaking in the kitchen sink, but late at night, a small light can be seen from her study. If you listen you can hear the rapid scratching sound of a pencil, pouring out words of some fantastic tale.”-Mom

Author Ondi laure
Author Ondi Laure

Ondi Laure enriches the lives of her readers through her writing craft in realizing the magnificent power that story possesses in reminding us of the savagery of the past. She writes of the struggles and glories of today and she brings stories to her readers that inspire hope for a better future. Ondi is an author of both fiction and nonfiction books and articles. Connect with Ondi Laure on her Story Launcher Facebook page or her personal author page.

I’m in a lot of places… and managing most! You can read most of my articles and books, blogs, etc. Here at MyInkLinks.com!

And Chapters of my novels are also posted on Royal Road here: https://www.royalroad.com/profile/257237/fictions