Preparing For Change

Centuries have come and gone, multiple generations of my family have dedicated love, time, and sacrifice to the saving of wisdom, faith, and truth to the native people of Wyoming.

Unintentionally, I too am sharing sacred truths and wisdom for my readers. And in learning of the John Robert’s festival this first Saturday in June, I realize the irony of my message and my purpose to not only write but to share my work and research of times past and prepare my readers for the changing times.

My Great-Great Grandfather, Reverend John Roberts, translated the New Testament from English into both Shoshone and Arapaho languages in the late 19th century.

His native Cornish/Welsh language, I have learned, was one of the first translations of the Bible from Latin in the 13th century.

The struggles to overcome repression of the Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Scotch, and English peoples reigned across the British Isles as depicted in my upcoming novel, Morningstar, until The Great Bible of 1539 was finally authorized by King Henry VII.  

Reverend Roberts was fluent in many languages before coming to The Wyoming Territory in 1882. His appreciation and longing for learning and helping the Native Americans on the Shoshone Bannock Reservation in undoubtedly our family’s greatest legacy. And his and Chief Washakie’s intentions to prepare the Natives, and everyone, for unavoidable change is now all our moral obligation.

Times continue to change and native cultures and customs, now more than ever, hold answers to helping us all as we consciously evolve. Evolve and awaken to our earthly purpose and plan as a species.

As I write and listen to the muse for inspiration. I find truths that resonate and know without a doubt the power and virtue that my wisdom unfolds before me. Fear has often stood before me as a dense overgrown forest before a string of pack mules. Yet, on I write knowing that my stories and grace have come to me to share with you because there is always a way through the forest.

Many years I strove to write what I love and what I found my curiosity longing to explore. Today, I have never felt so on point with the history and prose that has long been vailed and I am beyond grateful to be aligned once again with all the John Roberts and his name hold sacred.

Join us Saturday at the John Roberts Festival (Saturday, June 3, at 11am at the Shoshone Episcopal Mission) Fort Washakie Wyoming.

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Having a New Year’s Resolution is not Enough-

Who made a New Year’s resolution to get their book done in 2022? Now, February is upon us… is your resolution still front and center?

Because (yes, I always break English grammar rules!) 2022 is the year to get your book off of your heart and out of your head once and for all.

Writing, however, is a lonely, introverted, and often an isolated undertaking. It is great to have a team behind you.

With that being said, I give a heartfelt “Thank You” to my team that stands behind me so that I can support all of you and your book productions.

So, this is my big call out to you if you are ready to get your book off your heart in 2022!

This is a great New Year’s resolution, but what if you don’t feel that you have what it takes to write a successful book, nor enough content to fill an entire book?

Well… that is where support, accountability, encouragement, structure, and confidence are crucial.

Because (here I go again… testing grammar rules) A New Year’s resolution alone is not enough to see your book through to fruition!

Of the many contributing factors demanded in the writing of a book, confidence is #1.

Once you’ve cultivated your confidence in your story’s message your odds of completing your book skyrocket.

With your confidence in your message, there is nothing that will stop you from pushing through and getting your story’s message down. It is your confidence in your idea and inspiration that will see you through; not so much the goal (nor the New Year’s resolution) of writing a book.

Now, there are many tools that will help you, yes. Though, confidence in your message is tops!

How does an author grow their confidence in their message? Well, here are a few takeaways to help build your confidence in your story:

1. Start the conversation and write
2. Write
3. Gather feedback from your peers and family
4. Write
5. Get your message out into the world. Write.
6. Gather constructive criticism that is necessary for your message and your story to evolve
7. Sit your but down in a chair and write
8. And lastly… write!

If you’d like more tools and insight, I’d love to visit with you about your book project.

We work with all phases of book production from writing to publishing and even marketing.

The book publishing world is overwhelming and there are a lot of scams out there… we continue to evolve and uncover the best tools for authors while our authors keep their royalties their own.

Follow my thread here and find some nuggets to help you get your book launched in 2022!

Be safe, warm and healthy out there and Happy February!
The Story Launcher,
Ondi Laure

Books and Literature-The Tapestry of Our Society

Where do books and literature play a part in creating the tapestries of society?

And how can we as authors and content creators use this to our advantage?

There is a power that books possess in the teaching, and in the learning across cultures and this same power carries on our wisdom and insights for future generations. 

We learn from, not only, the celebrations and comedy of the past, we also learn an abundance from the brutality showcased across literature. We garner this history and information that continues to shape societies today. 

It is fun to recognize through literature how far society has come and yet how little we have truly changed. 

The intention of this post is to ask how this applies to your writing? Whether you are working on an epic novel or a nonfiction manuscript to debut your products or services, you are creating a time capsule. 

The assets that contribute to the tapestries of society across books and novels alike include aspects of our cultures. Assets like food, wine, clothing yes. The two primary contributors that I encourage you to explore and study for your own narrative are:

  1. The dialogue and language that you include
  2. The beliefs and conflicts that are exemplified

How is your narrative maintaining these assets of your culture or the culture that you are writing of?

Remember that you are writing a time capsule!  Are you crafting this as a Legacy for your future generations? 

Click the button below to set up a private call to discuss your book project and learn how we can help you explore the tapestry of the culture that you are portraying.

BOOK ONE, MORNINGSTAR:The Mystery Of The Secret Letters

Silence is comforting to some. Comforts are dynamic and seldom relied upon when life is as volatile as the wind. Comforting as the silent breeze may be one moment, such quiet can bring fears and storms the next. Sound is a much better indicator of peace for a motherless child and what better way to fill the empty void of quiet than the melody
of a Celtic bagpipe.

The drone of a bagpipe, like no other sound, resonates within. It penetrates the
core of one’s being. The sound’s vibrations touch upon each fiber leaving the soul
humming and yearning for more.

Kirsti watched him sit alone upon the beach and stare at the water beating upon
the stony shore. She watched him each morning that he was home. What he was watching or looking for now became clear to her adolescent reasoning. His aloneness there upon the shore of The North Sea roared once he began to play his music across the expanse of time.

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